As Melburnians were on the brink of freedom and we finally felt the relief of nightclubs and dancefloors being able to re-open, everything turned upside down.

With the end of lockdown 5.0 in sight, once again, we will be waiting patiently for the news that dancefloors and nightclubs can re-open again. I know I’m ready for it, are you?

These venues have been through so much over the past year and a half, spending most of the time closed as per government restrictions. So, now, we are way overdue for a good night out on the dance floor.

However, we are ready for nightclubs, but nightclubs are also prepared for us, supporting them. When the time finally comes, we must be there to help them come back stronger than ever.

The financial strain that most of these venues have gone through will only go away if the public continues to return once they have re-opened. If we don’t support them, they will cease to exist.

Prominent clubs in Melbourne, such as the renowned Lucky Thursdays, need to be our venues of choice when we are ready to go out again.

Lucky Thursdays have been a prominent club night in Melbourne for decades. Often the first choice for university students in the area and frequented by young Melburnians. Since they have made a name for themselves, their Thursday nights are well-known for being the ultimate weeknight out.

As a result of their popularity, they have had patrons’ stream into their venue every Thursday night, with often a solid line outside the club of people wanting to get in. With immaculate vibes on the dancefloor, made possible by an esteemed line-up of DJs mixed with their one-of-a-kind drink specials, it was always the place to be.

However, everything changed in 2020, and now a whole group of newly legal Melburnians haven’t had the chance yet to head to Lucky Thursdays. They have no idea what it’s like to hit that dance floor on Thursday night and dance the night away. They have no idea of the ambience and the experience they have missed out on.

So, just as we stood behind the hospitality industry by purchasing from our favourite local cafes and restaurants during the lockdown. We also need to be looking after our favourite nightclubs in the same way.

So as a young Melburnian who hasn’t had the chance to head out for the majority of the last year, it’s now time to do your part. When it is safe, gather your best group of friends, dress up and head out to Lucky Thursdays. Party the night away while helping your favourite venue to revitalise after a tough time. It’s a win, win situation for everyone. The first Thursday, you possibly can line up outside Lucky Thursdays, get ready to party from 10 pm onwards, and then dance the night away.

So, now are you ready for Melbourne nightclubs to re-open?