We’ve all heard the song lyrics, “Shake it like a polaroid picture”, but do we really do it? There’s a reason that we bop our heads in the car when we hear our favourite tune, play our favourite hits when we’re going for a run and head out to a nightclub after a long day at Uni to let loose. Music influences our bodies, and our bodies want to move. It makes us get up, get excited and have fun. No matter what your skill level is, the physical and mental benefits to dancing are too good to ignore.

Whether you’re tearing up the dancefloor of a nightclub every Thursday night in Melbourne or a back-up dancer for Beyonce while she’s on tour, we can all gain from the benefits of dancing. Especially after the 18 months Melbourne has been through with the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions we are all looking for a way to release all of the energy and emotion trapped inside of us. We need a cathartic release and the space to let loose — that’s where dancing comes in. By heading out to a club and dancing till the early hours we are literally dancing our cares away. We get to escape from our everyday stresses and anxieties for a night, all while giving our bodies a physical workout and metal boost.

Let’s get physical.

Dancing is cardio! No need to walk endlessly in one spot on the treadmill. Text your friends, put on your favourite clubbing outfit and celebrate an otherwise ordinary Thursday night in style by heading to a nightclub and dancing as your exercise. Dancing typically engages the whole body, increasing muscle strength and improving balance and flexibility. It also increases core strength which can improve coordination and posture, all while increasing that heart rate up and releasing endorphins.

Dance the stress away.

We all know endorphins are our “feel good” chemicals. By physically dancing and releasing these endorphins we’re improving our mental and emotional health by decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. During the COVID-19 lockdowns we all lost some of our connection to the outside world so it’s important for our mental health to get out there and socialise. What better way to do that than by dancing the night away at a nightclub?  Dancing can be expressive so letting loose and getting lost in the music also does wonders in boosting our self-esteem.

Meet me on the dance floor!

Dancing is fun! Literally anyone can dance. It doesn’t matter if you think you have no rhythm or haven’t danced since you took ballet classes when you were 5. If you have legs, you can dance. So, use them to walk yourself to the best nightclub in Melbourne and dance like nobody’s watching.

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