Clubbing is an integral part of the lives of all adults – be it a birthday celebration, bridal shower, or Uni night, any celebration is incomplete until you hit the club. However, this tradition has been interrupted by the pandemic.

Now it’s been quite a while since we have been able to go to a club with our friends and have fun. We have almost forgotten the feeling of dancing with our best friends to some amazing DJ beats.Even though we can now go back to enjoying clubbing in most parts of Australia, the risk is still there, and you never know when restrictions will be put into place again. For now, we can still enjoy the clubbing we can do!

During 2020, staying at home helped us stop the spread of the pandemic, but it also affected us socially. Now, it’s high time we return to the social events that help us mentally and emotionally, including clubbing.

Here are some of the social benefits that we get from clubbing:

Making New Friends & Catching Up With Old Ones

During the pandemic we were always connected with our friends via calls and messages – every occasion was celebrated online. However, that just wasn’t the same as being with them face to face. Clubbing gives us the opportunity to make the time and effort to see our friends physically rather than connecting digitally.

Clubbing is one of the best ways for young adults to catch up with friends. However, it is always a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Making new friends and seeing old ones, benefits us hugely socially, emotionally and mentally, and clubbing allows us to do this, all in one place!

Increasing Confidence

After going so long in Melbourne without social events, many young people are experiencing decreased confidence in everyday life. This comes back to a lack of socialisation over the last year. This is where clubbing can offer a fun, light-hearted environment to re-socialise and bring your confidence back. You can meet your old friends and make new ones, increasing your confidence and social abilities.

Becoming Happier

Did you know that dancing can cause a release of feel-good hormones, endorphins, into our bloodstreams? Well, now you know! Dancing plays a vital role in boosting our mood and making us happy.

Going to a club and dancing your heart out will not only make you happier, but everyone else in your social circlewho is clubbing with you. Now, whenever you are feeling a little low, you know where to go.

After a tough year, everyone is finally ready to get out and about and head to clubs. Clubs are beginning to reopen, and we are ready! So, if you are also ready to get out of your house, then it’s time to go to the biggest and best Thursday nightclub in Melbourne – Lucky Thursdays.

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