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• Best after party venue for Uni students
• Features of Lucky Thursdays

After parties are the best way for Uni students to let loose after enjoying an electrifying ambience of music and some dancing with friends. All of us can agree – partying is a way of Uni life and a great social affair. Whether it’s a theme party or a basement bash, every Uni student loves to be a part of the nightlife. But does your party end there or do you look for a little more, maybe some extra drinks before the night ends?

If you are looking for some after-party action with friends and wondering where to go for Uni after parties in Melbourne, there’s a place you need to visit in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. With an innovative touch of decor, local cocktails, special drinks, and all-night party anthems, Lucky Thursdays makes for a perfect night for any Uni student looking for a fun night out. You can enjoy the best of Melbourne’s electrifying nightlife with Lucky Thursdays’ weekly Uni after parties and functions.

Once you’re inside, you’re greeted with a spacious dance floor by the DJ board. There are some local names of artists on the list with Joel Fletcher, Will Sparks, and others ready to play party anthems all night long for Uni students. You’ll have soulful tracks from time to time to make you feel refreshed and appeal to your inner music lover. Every music enthusiast will find one or two tracks they consider favourites.

Lucky Thursday’s is a popular nightclub in Melbourne where you get to choose from an extensive range of locally inspired drinks and cocktails. The crew is friendly and has extensive knowledge of local and offshore drinks served across clubs and bars in Melbourne. Drinks are affordable for Uni students – vodkas, special drinks, cocktails, they’re all just $5 a shot. BYOB is strictly ruled out.

Lucky Thursdays offer three different function rooms namely VIP Booths, Private Function Rooms and Bunker. Lucky Thursdays can easily cater to up to 200 party guests. They love hosting Uni students and are most popular as the longest-lasting Uni night for students in Melbourne. Their services are easy to book and can be tailored to suit your needs making sure you can focus on just enjoying your night. Planning your Uni after parties is so simple and easy with Lucky Thursdays.

Just give Lucky Thursdays a call and they can plan a big Uni night for you and your friends in the most exciting nightclub culture in all of Melbourne.